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Horyd™ Engraving Pen

Horyd™ Engraving Pen

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engraver pen




*Rotating Speed:5000-25000r/min

*Power Supply Voltage:3.6V


*1.Intelligent overload protection chip would cut off the power when engraving stalls to avoid damaging the motor and engraving needle.

*2.Adjustable 3 speed settings,5000-25000RPM high speed rotating meets your various needs.

*3.Universal USB charging,cordless engraving pen is convenient to use.

*4.With indicator lights to show the current rotating speed,let you work professionally and handily.

*5.Wide applications surface.It is ideal for kinds of material engraving and grinding,such as wood,stone,peach-pit,egg,crafts,glass,ceramics,engraving

tools,sporting goods,toys,phone chargers and the delicate jewelry,watches and glassware.

engraver pen
engraver pen for jewelry
engraver tool for metal
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