Your DIY Art and Craft Projects Will Now Be Absolutely Unique With This Horyd Customization Tool

Make your craft unique with the Horyd™. Your results will astonish everyone around you.

It’s great!

II use it to do my acrylic nails! It’s amazing!!! The only thing I wish is it has an easy bit release… But I might buy a second or third one and just leave the bits on. And when the power went out I was still able to do my nails!!! 😜🖤

Sarah Jackson

Easy to use

Bought this for our adult daughter who’s an art teacher, artisan, and mother of two. A perfect gift…and it was something she first told ME about, thinking I might want one myself (she didn’t want to buy one for herself due to the cost). We’ll, it turned out I found it for half price on Amazon, and not only saved money but was able to surprise our daughter with a present we know she’ll enjoy using for many years.

Jim Bartlett

Engraving Pen

Quick delivery. everything is nice about this engraving pen ! much lighter and easier to use than a Dremel. Plenty of bits and a good price. Granddaughter loves it.

Sherry Ramon